Office Images has been supplying the worlds top companies with a stunning choice of art since 1985.

With a stock of over 3000 images ranging from posters to limited edition prints we can provide your offices with an unsurpassed range of images both quickly and economically.

Our interior designers are experienced in helping you choose images that will add style and panache to your environment.


However we recognize that in todays workplace it is not enough just to provide the image it's how you provide it that matters.

Service -  Ours is a turn-key service - we frame, deliver and hang - all in-house and inclusive in our price.

Speed -    Art is normally the finishing touch to an office fit out and it's important for projects to be completed on time. Our large stock enables us to put pictures up within days - if we haven't got your choice we can normally provide it within two weeks and meanwhile we will provide an alternative free of charge.

Convenience -    Unlike most people in the art world, we recognize that the world doesn't revolve around us - so if necessary,  we can hang your pictures out of office hours; either early in the morning, late in the evening or at weekends.


Almost important as who we are and what we do is who we are not and what we don't do.

We are not pretentious art consultants.   We don't supply expensive overpriced original art - we can make your offices look good without spending thousands of pounds on "unique" items that will be taken for granted within weeks.

Nor do we make your building look like an art gallery - we will not stuff your premises full of pictures in every conceivable space.

Perhaps our best recommendation is that our first clients in 1985 are still our clients now.


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